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Welcome to Sniff Industries

I was blessed to enter the Police Service Dog world immediately acquainted with some of the most brilliant people in the business.  As lucky as I was, it took me years to appreciate the fortune that had been bestowed upon me.  As a novice K9 handler, I struggled to understand the never ending foundation work I was required to perform with my K9 partner.  Most days that were scheduled for 8 hours turned into 13 or 16 hours and more often then not, it seemed we cut it short.  Over the course of those days, a natural evolution took place.  I began to share all the knowledge that had been hammered into me.  Managing Police K9 Units certainly had its headaches, but the rewards from all the successes out weighed any frustration by a million times.  There is no achievement greater or equal to selecting a K9 handler, selecting a dog, putting them together, training them to their absolute limits, and then watching them go do great things for society and the community.

  While working to create the best K9 teams possible, I developed a detection training system that magnifies and supports the most sound training principles for detection that exist.  Many aspects of our CORT System are not new to the detection world, but it is the ONLY Patented system that has every detail of detection training allowing you to make the clearest association to trained odor that can be made.

  We are no different than anyone else and we need a break from time to time.  However, when training dogs is your job and what you love to do, the break may not be a complete departure from who you really are.  We are happy to provide services to our friends and neighbors by helping them get the most enjoyment out of their dogs in the pursuit of the greatest quality of life possible with a pet.  I wish you the greatest amount of happy you can stand.  

Explosive K9 Falon giving a beautiful alert (in odor).

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