The Canine Odor Recognition Training (CORT) System is THE best system to train your detection dog. Our remote controlled reward allows you to drop whatever your reward may be right into the trained odor, making the clearest and fastest association for your dog to recognize trained odor.  Our patented design will deliver your dog's reward at the push of a button when you see the response you want.  Your reward can be a ball, Kong, towel, rubber pipe, plastic pipe, and even food.   Under normal conditions, the CORT Reward Box will operate for up to 9 continuous hours delivering the reward at the push of a button with no delay or preemptive sound for the perfect association between odor and reward.

US PATENT  US 8,776,731 B1

CORT System Reward Box

SKU: CS-001
    • Constructed from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    • Stainless Steel Hardware
    • Extremely weather resistant and easy to clean
    • May be operated up to 9 continuous hours
    • Excellent range for remote control

    The CORT System Reward Box includes:

    • Reward Box with on/off switch, charging port, and training aid gate
    • Internal receiver and battery
    • Remote handheld transmitter
    • Battery charger
  • There is a one year warranty on the CORT Reward Box materials and construction with the exception of the bolt snaps, battery, battery charger, and remote transmitter.

    Bolt snaps, battery, battery charger, and remote transmitter have a 90 day warranty.  Loss is not covered under warranty.

    The warranty is void on any damaged parts caused by improper use, water damage, heat damage or stripped screw holes. Buyer is responsible for any shipping charges for returns made after 90 days