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Paul Curtis

Paul is a 22-year law enforcement veteran that included two sheriff’s offices and a federal drug task force.  During those 22 years, Paul spent 17 years in K9  fulfilling the roles of handler, trainer, and program manager.  He handled three dual purpose dogs he trained for drug detection, handler protection, tracking, criminal apprehension, and evidence recovery.  Paul’s fourth dog was trained in explosives detection, tracking, and evidence recovery.  He has also been an all discipline K9 trainer for multiple agencies as a vendor.  Additionally, Paul’s law enforcement K9 experiences have included USPCA trainer, NNDDA certifying official, DEA researcher, 2008 USPCA National Drug Detection champion, 2011 World Police and Fire Games Gold Medalist for obedience and agility.  Paul is currently an International Forensic research Institute (IFRI) Drug Detection Evaluator and a certifying official for American Working Dog Association in all LE K9 matters.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.  His other notable achievements include his invention of the U.S. patented Canine Odor Recognition Training (CORT) System.

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