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The CORT Sytem 2.0 Ultimate Package is the premier training system for those trainers who want to work the most efficiently and cover multiple trained odors at one time.  This package gives you  4 reward boxes controlled with one remote and 12 decoy boxes to ensure your dogs are responding properly to trained odor.

CORT System 2.0 boxes make up the most versatile detection training system that can be found.  The reward box operating system has been upgraded to provide reliable, on-time delivery of whatever you use to reinforce your dog's detection training.  CORT System 2.0 boxes come with a detachable base that allows you to select your type of training.  They can be utilized indoors or out, on a fence, wall, table, or in the floor with a quick turn of 2 knobs.  This convertibility allows you to expand your foundation training to any detection application for seamless transitions to operational training and application.  Decoy boxes can be used to contain distractor odors and items that may impeade a dog's loyalty to trained odor. They are designed to replicate a reward box and provide the handler or trainer an opportunity to present distractors to the dog to ensure it is ignoring them.

CORT System 2.0 maintains its most significant attribute over all other remote-reward detection training devices by drawing the dog to trained odor for the reward instead of away from it, causing a clearer and faster association to trained odor.  There is no better training system that promotes the ultimate final response to trained odor.

CORT System 2.0 Ultimate Package

SKU: CS-24061
    • Product Information

      • Made in the USA. globally sourced materials
      • Constructed from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
      • Stainless Steel Hardware
      • Extremely weather resistant and easy to clean
      • Excellent range for remote control

      The CORT System Ultimate Package includes:

      • 4- Reward Box
      • 12- Decoy boxes
      • 16- Bases with rotating latches
      • 32- double-ended snaps
      • 2- Remote handheld transmitter
      • 4- Battery chargers
      • Dogs or toys not included
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